OhNo!Doom is a Chicago artist collective made up of designers, illustrators and plush artists

We all gotta grow up someday ... or at least mutate. OhNo!Doom started in 2006 as a creative multi-headed monster exhibiting its dominance over the world, starting with a tiny town in the midwest. But like every good hydra, as one head falls, another one grows ...or two ...or three.

For 2015, the OhNo!Doom Collective is: Andrew Thompson, Joseph Call, Lana Crooks, Max Bare, Melissa Sue Stanley, (and Jarrett Widman on nights & weekends).

OhNo!Doom is as it ever was, a collective sea of creative ding dongs and weirdos. By ding dongs we mean designers, illustrators and commercial artists. By weirdos we mean exhibiting artists, soft sculptors and weirdos.

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