Exhibit: "The Nightmare in Wonderland, Part II" Reception

A trip out west to see a wonderland, nightmarish in aesthetic and with beautiful presentation. Escondido's Distinction gallery hosted the 3rd showing of the series, The Nightmare In Wonderland Project. Curated by Italian artist, Ixie Darkonn, featuring works by many top pop-surrealist artists from around the globe, all paying silent tribute to one of the darkest film directors of our time.

Photographs provided by Brandy Sebastian

The show opened at 6pm on April 11, to a wide variety of viewers attracted by the incredible artwork from an inspirational source. The main show room was decorated wall to wall with beautiful works from the artists, complimenting the character and work that embodied the essence of the show. As you approached the entry way, The Nightmare In Wonderland, could be seen in vinyl on the facing wall. Just below hung a row of captivating pieces that drew you in. Walking inside, both side walls showcased incredible sculptures of an imaginative kind. Playful and fun but off just a bit... I liked the tone of the show so far. Starting on one side of the show and moving my way around, looking at each piece was inspiring beyond description. Each piece was unique in all ways from medium to composition, to size and form. We each have our own nightmares and wonderlands, and seeing how each of the featured artists brought this out was intriguing.


Just like myself, many other guests both local and visiting were equally engaged. The show had a great turnout, with many fans and supporting connoisseurs. A lively band played music just outside the gallery, giving the show some energy and celebration. Stone brewery provided some refreshments, which I enjoyed a few times over...

People in costume and fashionable attire, fitting to the theme added to the experience of the opening. Fancy mustaches, and classy nightwear as if attending the red wedding reception... A lady wearing high heel platforms, clear, with doll heads inside of them... yeah. But It fit the scene and I was glad I got a picture. The art seemed more meaningful to the audience, inspired by a creative person many hold high respects for. The red dots went up, a handful before the show had opened. Running a gallery in the past, I could relate to the warm feeling of those red dots.


The night and experience was awesome overall. Getting the chance to talk with a variety of talented artists was rewarding in its own. Distinction Gallery opens up a portion of its 7000sqft space to other artists as studio space, and showroom space. During the openings, its a bit of an open house for visitors to walk about and view wall to wall, almost floor to ceiling artwork. 3 hours later I had see about every foot of space with art in the building. Incredible to see so many talented individuals in one spot. At the end of the night as the show wound down, I left the gallery feeling charged and inspired. A night to remember, the nightmare in wonderland.



Exhibiting Artists include: Andy Kehoe, Ania Tomicka, Atsuko Goto, Bill Carman, Calvin Ma, Clementine De Chabaneix, Domenico Scalisi, Dorote Zaukaite, Dan May, Elisa Anfuso, Heather Nevay, Ixie Darkonn, Jon Jaylo, Julie Filipenko, Kukula, Lana Crooks, Leila Ataya, Leslie Ditto, Lola Gil, Mark Elliott, Mark Kostabi, Matt Dangler, Melissa Sue, Naoto Hattori, Natalie Shau, Paul Barnes, Ray Caesar, Roby Dwi, Antono Ross Jaylo, Scott Radke, Susanne Apgar, Tasha Zimich (artist and project assistant), Victor Castillo, Yoko d’Holbachie, and more!

The exhibition will run from April 11 – May 2, 2015

Pieces are available for view and purchase on the Gallery site!