ON!D Road Trip: Gary, Indiana

If you know anything about Craft Beer, you know that Joey Potts, of the Doom Family, has been completely killing it over at 18th Street Brewery.  I'm not even going to talk about the label art that he's been creating here - it's so damn good we'll talk about that in a separate post.  

Let's talk about the Brewery itself.  Really, everyone at 18th Street Brewery is killing it.  The Brewery is celebrating its first anniversary with rave reviews, "best-of" accolades, and long, long lines out the front door.  

The beer is some of the best we've ever had (and trust me, we drink a lot of beer). The food is a delight, and the atmosphere is just what we're looking for in a Tap Room.
Ladies and Gentlemen - it's time to forget what you think you know and get your ass to Gary, IN.

Apart from all that - 18th Street Brewery is also providing a venue for artists to gather.  Drink and Draw events are held on a regular basis, and there's a rotating exhibition of work by local artists.   

Just in time for the holiday shopping season, Joey Potts organized the BAN ART Fair (Brewery Artists Network)


and the ON!D crew hit the highway to come out and participate!

Max Bare, who didn't take off that bigfoot sweater for the entire month of December, with some sweet merch and his brand new "Sour Milk" mini-comic.


Melissa and her seasonal offerings - still standing after a couple tasty Garce Saleé's.

Matt Sharp was there too, but we didn't get any photos of his stuff, or his face.  

The event also kicked off the BAN ART 1-Year Anniversary Art Show, with original paintings on display by Max, Melissa, as well as Joey Potts, Matt Sharp, and a hearty handful of talented folks from Indiana and Chicagoland.  

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