The 2014 Designer Toy Awards

For the 4th Annual Designer Toy Awards, the ceremony was held at the Hammerstein Ballroom (super classy) during NYCC and was hosted by Jesse Snider, a TV & radio host as well as comic book writer, voice-over actor, and rock musician. 

Hundreds were in attendance, and a number of artists that had previously shown at the OhNo!Doom Gallery were nominated for various awards! 

Lana Crooks and Gary Ham even took home the Award for Best Plush for their Hermees plush collab!!!


"For those of you that arent aware, this award has been my white whale. Actually this award means quite a lot to me. As with most artists we torture ourselves, stay up for days, neglect family and our friends forget what we look like. 

I live in a bubble and it means the world to me that my work is meaningful to someone else. 

Thank you to Gary Ham for allowing me to adapt his character, to my husband for understanding when I dont come to bed, to my OhNo!Doom brothers, and to my friends and family for all the love and support!

Thanks to my big art family who keep me humbled and inspired. And, of course, to Clutter for all of… THIS"

- Lana

The awards are always super exciting but this year it was taken to a whole new level. It is truely an honor to be recognized for the artwork and to get to take home the oscar of the toy world! 

Check out the for all past winners & nominees, as well as, the upcoming 2015 award information.