Flybird Mural

Fly Bird Mural

OhNo!Doom along with a collection of other talented local Chicagoland artists, painted from floor to ceiling a portion of wall within Oak Park based retail store Fly Bird. In October of '09, over a weekend the crew came in with some ruff sketches and a big idea. 




The Concept

The group got together and tossed around some thoughts for how we could collaborate on the mural together as 4 individuals. We also want to have some nod back to the store. "Birds of a feather, flock together"... was a phrase that stuck and we all felt was giving us some inspiration and a theme we could create some art around. With that in favor, we went off on our own to sketch what we felt represented the concept. We gave ourselves the requirement of including birds, aside from that we let our imaginations take flight. 


Day One



 Day Two