ON!D Totems

Totem Character Designs

The OhNo!Doom space needed some personality and imagination to the front windows. As a way to captivate passer-byers, ON!D decided to creat charcaters that worked together in a totem pole style fashion. Each member contributed to the towers with one representing each member per window. 

As a way to leverage the square dimension element in the artwork the group created, we found square buttons to apply the art to in addition. Busy Beaver, a local button maker had gold paper buttons available. We came up with the concept of solid gold buttons, and created a collectable series pack in sets of 4, 16 buttons all together. The idea was to collect the packs and stack the buttons! Totem Style. 



We set up a big sheet of paper to sketch on, and loosely planned out the arrangements of each character. Knowing where we would be within the stack depended on a certain pose to support the concept. 

undefinedJoe Call

We then broke off and each did our own focused sketches and ideas, and brought them together. We gave each other critiques and made refinements before going digital. Once we had some rough vector files, we started assembling the illustrations. Playing around with the combinations a bit, and making further adjustments to have a more cohesive collaboration. 

Lana Crooks

Max Bare


Andrew Thompson


Each of us kind of played with the file to accelerate the process, giving us a few compositions to choose from and test out variations quicker. Landing on the right order, we assigned and owner to go in and clean up the vector. We planned to cut the  design out of window vinyl and apply it to the inner glass. This required the composition to be pathfinder'd and simplified down to one shape basically - black. Needless to say it took a bit of time, but was worth it in the end.